A new online home for Operail C30-M locomotives

Added on 28.01.2021

Operail C30-M locomotives now have a new virtual home at https://operail.com/en/c30-mlocomotive/.

Five brand new C30-M locomotives have been built at the Tapa depot of the international logistics and transport company Operail, with five more locomotives scheduled to be built in 2021. The locomotives are used in freight transport in Estonia and elsewhere.

The Operail C30-M is an environmentally friendly modern modular locomotive. It is built on the main frame of the well-known international manufacturer General Electric’s С30-7Ai locomotive using the modules designed by CZ Loko, a major European manufacturer. The locomotive is certified in the European Union. The weight of the six-axle locomotive is 138 tonnes, with an axle load of 23 tonnes, and it is equipped with a 1,550 kW (2,079 hp) Caterpillar 3512C HD diesel engine and has a top speed of 100 kilometres per hour.