A structural change in Operail Group

Added on 05.07.2021

The structure of Operail Group has changed as of 1 July 2021, with two new subsidiaries added to our Group.

The Group’s parent company AS Operail will in the future only be engaged in freight transport on the Estonian railway infrastructure. All the other business areas of the Group will be transferred to the newly created enterprise – Operail Holding OÜ.

Operail Holding will include the rental and transport enterprises operating in Finland (Operail Leasing Finland and Operail Finland, respectively) as well as the enterprises engaged in rental and maintenance activities in Estonia (Operail Leasing and Operail Repairs, respectively).

The Group’s new structure will not entail any changes for customers and cooperation partners. Operail continues its business activities and provides services to customers in accordance with previously concluded agreements, while also moving forward with large-scale railway innovation projects in order to provide more efficient and environmentally friendly transport and logistics services.