Armoured train No. 7, Wabadus, recognised as Harju County’s Deed of the Year

Added on 06.12.2019

The Harju Economic Development Centre chose armoured train No. 7, Wabadus, Deed of the Year 2019. The selection was made from more than 15 candidates.

The wagons of the armoured train were built in our Tapa depots and the historical set was driven through the entire country by our locomotives. Negotiations with the Estonian War Museum for the construction of the armoured train commenced in the spring of 2017 and preparations for the project took twelve months. The contracting entity wished to have an authentic copy of an armoured train built for the 100th anniversary of the Estonian War of Independence, complete with sanitary, machine gun, landing, and artillery wagons.

Thanks to long and thorough preparations, construction of the four wagons only took two and a half months. Today, almost 100,000 people have had the opportunity to take a closer look at armoured train No. 7, Wabadus.

We would like to give our heartfelt thanks to our locksmiths and welders Oleg Palchonok and Vassili Prodanets, whose constructive suggestions in the course of the work helped us achieve a better outcome.