The new chairman of the board of AS Operail Board is Kaido Saar

Added on 14.02.2023

On 14 February, at the proposal of the nomination committee, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Riina Sikkut confirmed former Member of the Board Kaido Saar the new Chairman of the Board of AS Operail.

The board will continue to work with four members. In addition to the new chairman, the board will include Indrek Gailan, Siret Liivamägi, and Tarmo Porgand.

The mandates of Kaido Saar and Tarmo Porgand will expire this May. The mandate of Siret Liivamägi will expire in June and the mandate of Indrek Gailan is valid until November 2025.

The previous Chairman of the Board of Operail, Leon Jankelevitsh, voluntarily resigned from his position on 1 February due to taking up a new and more time-consuming position.