Leaving anonymous reports on Operail’s webpage

Added on 22.11.2019

As of today, Operail’s webpage includes an option to file an anonymous report, which will help the company to promote ethical and responsible business practices.

The anonymous report form can be used to notify us of suspected or actual instances where someone has violated business ethics, has broken the law, or has acted in a corrupt way. The form can also be used to report abuse of the employer’s property or unacceptable use of information which concerns the employer.

The report sent will reach directly and only our controller. Operail will not record any data entered on our webpage and the anonymity of such tips is guaranteed. The person submitting the report may leave their contact details to receive feedback about the report sent.

The channel for sending anonymous tips will help us to protect ethical and responsible entrepreneurship which prevents corruption.

The form to submit anonymous reports can be found here.