Change in the Composition of Operail´s Supervisory Board

Added on 08.05.2024

Since May 7, Kati Pino is a member of AS Operail´s Supervisory Board.

Kati Pino is a lawyer at the law firm Hedman Partners & CO.

By a decision dated May 7, the sole shareholder´s representative, Minister of Climate Kristen Michal, set Pino´s mandate to three years.

With the same decision, Michal extended the mandates of Supervisory Board members Kaido Saar and Tarmo Porgand by three years from May 24, 2024. He proposed to re-elect Kaido Saar as the chairman of the Supervisory Board of AS Operail.

Therefore, from May 7, 2024, the Supervisory Board of Operail again consists of four members: Kaido Saar as the chairman, Tarmo Porgand, Sander Salmu and Kati Pino as members.