Operail Finland has been transferred to a new owner

Added on 14.02.2023

On 14 February, the parties carried out the last steps necessary for the sale of Operail Finland. The ownership of the company was transferred to the new owner, North Rail, a subsidiary of the logistics group Nurminen Logistics, which is listed on the Finnish stock exchange. With this, Operail has fully exited the Finnish freight transport market.

On 13 January, Operail announced that it had signed a contract to sell the Finnish freight forwarding subsidiary Operail Finland to the Finnish logistics company Nurminen Logistics. Resulting from the competition, the sales price was 27.7 million euros.

Operail Finland has nine powerful Wabtec Powerhaul line locomotives, one C30-MF shunting locomotive built in Estonia, and over 40 employees. No changes are planned in the daily work or for the staff of Operail Finland in connection with the change in ownership.