Operail team welcomes eight new ambassadors of rail safety

Added on 14.10.2019

On 10–11 October, eight employees of Operail took part in a training for ambassadors of rail safety to acquire basic knowledge on rail safety as well as the underlying principles and bases of public speaking.

Promotion of rail safety is at the heart of our company. With the help of the new ambassadors of safety, Operail can now reach even more children and young people to provide necessary knowledge on rail safety. The company aims to reach the oldest children of the kindergartens or the youngest children of schools located by a railway line as these children are about to begin or have just begun going to school by themselves.

The new ambassadors of rail safety are Tambet Lõhmus, Leonid Vätson, Agne Kaur, Natalja Orover-Koryakina, Maksim Dyba, Nadezhda Akrymova, Yegor Sinyov, and Aleksandr Gavrilov.

The training was organised by Tamo Vahemets, Board Member of Operation Lifesaver Estonia (OLE), and OLE’s Training Manager Getter Toome.