Upcoming large-scale training exercise ‘Kopli raud’

Added on 23.09.2019

On 26 September, a large-scale training exercise on rail accidents will be organised in the area of the Kopli Freight Station and Telliskivi Creative City in Tallinn. The aim of the training exercise is to practise action in the case of rail accidents with numerous casualties, as well as improve preparedness for such accidents, and cooperation between different bodies.

The event will be the largest training exercise in the last eight years and will include acting out various situations, such as rescuing people from a passenger train following a collision, liquidation of a chemical accident in the event of a freight train being involved, and evacuation of people from the area.

The ‘Kopli raud’ training exercise will be organised in cooperation between AS Eesti Raudtee, Operail, Elron, the Police and Border Guard Board, the Rescue Board, the Emergency Response Centre, the Tallinn Emergency Medical Service, the Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority, the Tallinn City Government, the Environmental Board, and the Environmental Inspectorate.