Operail acquires over 160 timber conflats

Added on 04.07.2018

WagonPro, the subsidiary of the state-owned transport and logistics company Operail, has acquired over 160 new conflats designed for transporting timber. The conflats will be rented out.

“Last year, we rented out 1,500 wagons, which is a 70 per cent increase compared to two years ago. This year, demand in the wagon rental market continues to increase, and we will continue intensive development of the wagon rental business line,” said Raul Toomsalu, Chairman of the Management Board of Operail.

Together with the new wagons, the size of the combined wagon fleet operated by Operail and WagonPro is around 3,100 wagons.

The conflats were manufactured in the United Wagon Company factory, and are the first examples of the new generation of wagons registered in Estonia. The new wagons significantly surpass the efficiency indicators of previous similar models. For example, the first depot repair for the new-generation wagons should take place after eight years or 800,000 km, while the same indicators for earlier analogous models are three years and 210,000 km. The newly acquired models have a capacity of 10 cubic metres more (up to 74 tonnes of carrying capacity and up to 122 cubic metres of storage capacity), which helps reduce costs and increase the efficiency of transporting timber of varying densities.

Operail is a state-owned rail transport and logistics company that operated under the name of EVR Cargo Ltd until 22 June this year. The company’s main business lines are freight transport, rolling stock rental, and rolling stock maintenance and modernisation. Operail employs 670 people.