Operail increased profits by one million euros

Added on 13.09.2021

The international transport and logistics company Operail showed strong growth in the first half of 2021 and increased its net profit by one million euros. Compared to the same period last year, other important economic indicators also improved.

The turnover of the group increased by almost a fifth compared to a year ago, amounting to more than 37 million euros. Freight revenues increased by as much as 35 per cent, amounting to almost 24 million euros. The six-month EBITDA of the company grew by more than 40 per cent, to 9.2 million euros. The net profit of the first half of the year was 2.7 million euros, almost one million euros more than in the same period last year.

Raul Toomsalu, Chairman of the Management Board, explains the success with the increase in the efficiency of processes and the contribution of the team in adapting to changing situations. “We have invested a lot in mapping our business processes and making them more efficient. Today, we see that it has brought us the desired result,” said Toomsalu. “We have increased the efficiency, reliability, punctuality, and safety of rail transport. This is also seen and perceived by our customers, with whose support the volumes of railway transport have shown great growth in the first half of the year,” added Toomsalu.

The statements of the head of the company are also confirmed by statistics – in the first six months   of 2021, Operail transported 7.1 million tonnes of goods, which is 29 per cent more than in the same period last year.

While in the first quarter of the year, the wagon rental income of Operail was one tenth lower than in the previous period, the result was only 5 per cent lower in the second quarter, with the rental income amounting to 7 million euros. “This shows that the price pressure is on a downward trend and the recovery of the revenue base is going as planned,” Toomsalu explained.

As at the end of the second quarter of 2021, in addition to the parent company, the consolidation group of AS Operail also includes Operail Holding OÜ, Operail Repairs OÜ and AS Operail Leasing as well as subsidiaries in Finland – Operail Finland Oy and Operail Leasing Finland Oy. The main activity of Operail Repairs OÜ is the maintenance of rolling stock and the construction of locomotives. The main activity of AS Operail Leasing and Operail Leasing Finland Oy is wagon rental. The main activity of Operail Finland Oy is rail freight transport in Finland.