Operail introduces the latest freight operations management system

Added on 08.04.2020

With the introduction of the new freight operations management system, the international transport and logistics company Operail is taking a major step forward in the digitalisation of rail freight transport, setting an example for companies in the Baltics and companies operating within the 1520 mm railway network.

“In the 21st century, information must be digital and move fast. We are finally reaching a point in the railway sector where we can introduce information systems of the future which will make our operations significantly efficient,” said Raul Toomsalu, Chairman of the Board of Operail. The company hopes to fully implement the new system in the summer of 2021. “It is clear that we still have a long way to go, but the first steps have already been taken.”

At present, Operail uses a variety of outdated information systems for managing rail freight transport and it would be unreasonable to integrate these systems. “With the new freight operations management system, we can consolidate our freight planning and management systems and create an integrated solution to provide better customer experience and increase rail freight efficiency,” Toomsalu explained.

As a result of an international procurement process, Operail partnered with CRX Software, a French company which is specialised in the design and development of freight operations management systems. “RailCube, a CRX Software product, enables us to digitalise all the data that is currently exchanged on paper and streamline our work processes, which means that our drivers, wagon inspectors, and maintenance workers will be using mobile devices more in their work,” said Margus Õun, Innovation Manager of Operail. “We are probably the first railway company in the region to start to use freight operations management system, which is widely used in Western Europe.”

“We are happy to add Operail to our growing list of clients and are very proud to expand our product and services to the Baltic region” Nicolas Samson, CEO at CRX Software added. “This shows that the RailCube suite of applications is a global freight operations management  system, able to be implemented in any organization, in any jurisdiction. We are looking forward to a longlasting and fruitful partnership with Operail”. 

Dennis Hendriksen, responsible for Business Development at CRX Software, adds: “Operail carefully studied the capabilities of the RailCube suite of applications and concluded that there is finally a freight operations management system that provides an innovative and integrated solution. For Operail it proofs that with the implementation of the RailCube suite they are now in a position to further streamline their business processes and improve daily operations effectively”.