Operail joined the Declaration of Corporate Social Responsibility

Added on 04.04.2019

Yesterday, the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology Rene Tammist, member of the Board and finance manager of Operail Paul Priit Lukka and 23 representatives of other state-owned business associations signed an agreement to follow the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in order to emphasise the importance of these principles through setting an example.

It is a voluntary agreement by which state-owned business associations demonstrate their effort and willingness to implement the principles of CSR. According to Paul Priit Lukka, member of the Board of Operail, Operail is pleased to join the circle of responsible entrepreneurship and understands the importance of practicing these principles in the transport sector. “Creating additional value through daily operations for employees and the community alike is something that we have recently started to approach on a more systematic basis. As a result of the agreement signed today, we can focus on it even more and also set an example for other transport and logistics companies”, Lukka added.

“When we talk about corporate social responsibility, we are talking about the natural and voluntary integration of an organisation’s economic, environmental and social dimension into daily operations, management and strategy. Following the principles of corporate social responsibility can be a very effective tool in finding good employees, improving operational efficiency and increasing the reliability of the organisation both domestically and in international markets”, said the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology Rene Tammist.

The principles of responsible entrepreneurship are rolled in more effectively thanks to the Corporate Social Responsibility Forum (www.csr.ee) established in 2005, which unites companies that practice responsible entrepreneurship. The forum helps to analyse the social responsibility of businesses and promote the principle that, in addition to earning profit, a business should also act responsibly to help both the business itself and the entire business environment to become more responsible and sustainable.

In addition to the companies under the administration of the Ministry of Economics and Communication, the ministry also invited all other state-owned businesses to join the voluntary agreement and set an example to the entire Estonian business environment by demonstrating their effort and willingness to make the Estonian business environment more responsible and sustainable.

Source:  Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications