WagonPro is now Operail Leasing

Added on 08.03.2019

WagonPro, the subsidiary for rolling stock rental operations of the international transport and logistics company Operail, is from now named Operail Leasing. 

In June 2018 the state-owned transport and logistics company changed it’s name and identity and now the brand has been changed also for the subsidiary company that operates the rolling stock rental activities. “We feel it is important that all companies associated with Operail  have the same group identity,” said Chairman of the Operail Management Board, Raul Toomsalu. “We would like to emphasise that company name is the only thing that will change. The ownership and structure of the company will remain the same,” he added.

Operail Leasing will have a new logo that better reflects it belonging to an international logistics and transport group. The Group has more than 3 200 wagons, of which almost 2 100 are leased.