A copy of a unique historical open-top passenger wagon was built at the Operail Tapa depot

Added on 08.09.2021

The professionals of the Operail Tapa depot built a copy of a unique historical passenger wagon, which will serve visitors on the narrow-gauge railway of the Estonian Museum Railway in Lavassaare.

“We value the long history of the railway sector and want to contribute to its introduction and preservation. Last year, we helped the museum to create better conditions for the preservation of museum objects. This year, the professionals of our Tapa depot built a unique exhibit themselves,” said Raul Toomsalu, Chairman of the Management Board of Operail. “It is the only open-top passenger wagon in Estonia.”

Historically, open-top passenger wagons have been used on narrow-gauge railways, for example on Saaremaa and on Naissaar Island. “We got the idea to build this wagon from visitors,” said Mehis Helme, the acting CEO of the Estonian Museum Railway. The museum train is used by a lot of visitors during the season, and the new open-top passenger wagon allows the museum to provide this opportunity for more visitors. “Our cooperation with Operail was very successful. The construction of the wagon was definitely a challenge for the professionals of the Tapa depot, but they managed it perfectly. Thank you!” Helme added.

According to Mihhail Sinani, the managing director of the Tapa depot, the base frame of the wagon arrived to Tapa from Gulbene in Latvia and the seating benches came from Avinurme. “Our professionals cleaned the frame, performed painting, welding, and assembly work, and ensured the technical condition of the wagon and compliance with the applicable safety requirements,” Sinani introduced the process.