Service price of pulling and spotting the railwagons

Added on 13.02.2024

We would like to inform that the service price of pulling and spotting the railwagons offered by Operail consists of two main components: the locomotive work fee and the btkm fee for wagons. Should there be a need for reserve trips, a fee will be added for that on top of the two main price components.  

The locomotive work fee is fixed and covers the costs of using the locomotive. The fee includes the fee for the use of the locomotive during the entire time required to provide the service as well as the fee for the station train kilometer and gross ton kilometer for the part driven on the station rails. 

The btkm fee for wagons is a component for the cost of using the station’s infrastructure which depends on the number of wagons and is fixed at a rate per wagon. This fee applies to each wagon that is pulled or spotted while providing the service. 

Locomotive reserve travel fee is an additional cost that is applicable only if the service provision station is not the home station of the locomotive and the locomotive needs to travel to a separate location to provide services.  

We prepare a comprehensive price quote for the client which includes all the mentioned components: the locomotive work fee, the btkm fee of the wagons and, if necessary, the costs of the reserve trips.  

Operail’s price quote takes into account all factors related to the service provision and is adapted to customer’s needs. We want to offer flexible, efficient and more affordable solutions that meet the needs of our customers as well as the operational possibilities and logistical challenges of rail transport. We value collaboration and developing client relationships and we are committed to building long-term paratnerships by providing well thought out and customized services that support our clients’ business!