Janno Õunpuu was granted Operail’s scholarship for master’s studies

Added on 20.06.2019

At a ceremony held at the Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech), Jane Etverk, Head of Operail’s Human Resources and Marketing Department, handed over Operail’s scholarship for master’s studies to Janno Õunpuu. Janno is studying product development and production engineering at TalTech’s School of Engineering.

Janno was picked from among the applicants for Operail’s scholarship for his exemplary results and outstanding dedication to his field. As someone who is interested in technology, Janno is also a great enthusiast of his specialty. Janno has furthered his skills as an exchange student at the Czech University of Technology and is an active member of Formula Student Team Tallinn, contributing to the design and construction of electric formula racing cars.

The scholarship granted by Operail is intended for one successful MA level student of the specialties of logistics or product development and production engineering at the School of Engineering of Tallinn University of Technology. Students were able to apply for the scholarship through the TalTech Development Fund.

TalTech Development Fund was established in 1998 as the legal successor of the Development Fund of Tallinn University of Technology, which was founded in 1991. The purpose of the Development Fund is to collect and mediate grants to Tallinn University of Technology and to involve Estonian entrepreneurs in cooperation with the university.

Photo: Tallinn University of Technology