Operail contributes to the preservation of Estonian railway history

Added on 21.05.2020

Operail supported the repairs of the roof of the Lavassaare Museum Railway’s depot building with 15,000 euros to create better conditions for the preservation of rare exhibits.

“The presentation and preservation of railway history is important not just from a historical point of view, but also for the promotion of railways as means of environmentally friendly transport and for the introduction and popularisation of railway-related jobs,” said Raul Toomsalu, Chairman of the Board of Operail. “We are pleased that the roof repair works at Lavassaare help preserve an important part of our railway history that could have otherwise been lost.”

“Until now, the majority of the exhibits of the Lavassaare Museum Railway have been kept outdoors and without the roof repairs, the destructive impact of nature would have led to the inevitable ruin of many unique exhibits in the near future,” said Mehis Helme, Member of the Board of MTÜ Muuseumraudtee. “The long-awaited roof repairs began in May and the work should be completed in June.”

The building was completed in 1924 and the last major repair works were carried out in the 1970s. “We are thankful to Operail and other supporters for their significant contribution to the museum’s activities and the preservation of its historical exhibits,” said Helme.

The Estonian Museum Railway, located in Lavassaare, is the only narrow-gauge railway museum in Estonia. The museum’s exhibits include a working steam locomotive. The museum displays 83 units of different rolling stock, as well as technical equipment and much more.