Operail’s Code of Ethics: Our ethical standards as a company and ethical expectations for employees and partners

Added on 08.04.2024

Operail has developed a code of ethics that outlines the ethical principles within our company.

We are a responsible partner in the railway industry, providing environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and safe freight and rolling stock-related services. Honest competition, business ethics, freedom from corruption, ecologically sustainable practices, and sustainable development are essential to us, as is providing our employees with a fair, safe, healthy, and supportive work environment.

We commit to ethical behaviour, as outlined in Operail’s code of ethics. We expect this from all our employees and anticipate it from our business partners.
Operail’s code of ethics describes the company’s mission, values, and principles of sustainable development. The code emphasises work environment, health, and safety issues. As a company, we understand that the well-being and safety of our employees are the foundation of our success. We ensure a diverse and fair work environment that tolerates diversity, treats people equally, supports work-life balance, and provides fair compensation.

The code of ethics also delves deeply into our principles of business ethics, which include substantial and ethical leadership, fair competition, strict anti-corruption policies, protection of company assets and information, and honest and open communication.

We welcome partners who share our ethical values, create a responsible and open business environment, respect and protect human and employee rights, and conduct their activities responsibly and ethically toward the environment and society.

You can learn more about our code of ethics HERE.